The waiting list for black smokes is currently full and closed till June 11th.   We are not taking new reservations right now  unless you already own a Gold Rush Maine Coon.  Selections on new kittens begins when they are 6 weeks old.  We will contact you in the order that your name appears on the waiting list.  Our first litter of black smokes turn 6 weeks old on May 18.


****Waitlist Announcement***

Our waiting lists will be opening up at 10 am on Saturday, June 11th by phone only.  Please leave a message and Tom will call you back in the order in which the calls are received by the end of the day.  He will add as many of you as he can on the list.  Please don’t call before 10, because your call will be placed at the end of the list of names of people who called at or after 10. 

1.  Delia R – male
2.  Steve K – male
3.  Dean and Tina C- female 
4.  Brian P – male 
5.  Ana L – male 
6.  Phil and Suzanne Z. – male 
7.  Elie K – female 
8.  Karla R – female