Juniper and Remington had a litter of 5 kittens on October 17.  Most, of these babies are reserved for people on our waiting list.

6 weeks

Bart is hilarious and active.  He is a very big, stocky boy with tons of personality.


Forbes is just as big and bulky as Bart and just as fun to watch.  He is also a talker.


Marco is another heavy boned boy who is so dark.  He will have a beautiful inky black head and shiny silver mane someday.


Shayla is a quick, entertaining girl who bounces around her brothers.


Twila is going to be a stunning black smoke with a solid black head and silver mane.

3 weeks

Bart is a big, black smoke boy. 


Forbes is a gorgeous brown classic boy.


Marco is a fluffy black boy who will likely turn smoky.


Shayla is a very pretty silver mackerel girl.


Twila is a super soft black smoke girl.

The Parents:  Juniper and Remington


Past Kittens: