The silver shaded pattern is a relatively new sensation taking the Maine Coon world by storm!  In many catteries around the world, pet prices for these beauties ranges from $4000-$10,000.   Our pet prices for any silver shaded kittens or high smoke kittens is $4000.  The deposit of $400 is the same as any other color/pattern that we sell and comes off the total price of the kitten. 

If you are interested in getting on this list, please call us and we will send you the paperwork to get the process started.  Please leave a message and we will return your call by the end of the day. The list is currently open for both male and female.

1.  Andrea L – male    
2.  Melanie S. – male 
3.  Cortney and Justin G – female (open to other colors) 
4.  Doug and Kellie R – male 
5. Samantha P and Jason B – male (open to regular list) 
6.  Trenton K – male


What makes a Shaded kitten?  

Genetically, shaded kittens have one or two genes for agouti (A/A or A/a).  On paper, a shaded kitten looks very similar to a silver tabby. 
When a shaded kitten is born, their faces should look completely white, especially in the area between the eyes and ears. 
Shaded cats have hair that is tipped with black (red for a red shaded cat) rather than banded like a tabby.  Only 1/3 or less of the tip of the hair should be colored.  The bottom of the hair shaft should be white.