If you are a current Gold Rush Maine Coon owner, you can join any waitlist at any time.  If you are a new family, the list is only open for females.

The current price for a polydactyl kitten is $2700.  If the kitten is a black smoke polydactyl, the price is $3000.

1.  Kris and Elizabeth D – male 
2.  Sereita A – female
3.  Ann M – male (open to normal foot)  
4.  Joe L  – male 
5.  Evan and Audra M – male 
6.  Thomas and Kim B – male (moved from regular list) 
7.  Tereasa M – male 
8.  Lannette L – male 
9.  Alex P – male 
10.  Pamela R – male 
Chere S – Stella