Ivy is a wonderful high black smoke girl who is also from Austin, TX and is half sister to Edelweiss.  She is very playful, loving, and easy going.  Her tail is one of the thickest we’ve ever seen.  She was born on 7-22-21 and gives us some stunning kittens.  She is CFA registered.  Her genetic panel shows that she carries two recessive genes for solid color which explains why she is a smoke instead of a silver shaded cat.  We usually pair her with Simba, who carries 2 genes for agouti (A/A) which means all of their light colored kittens will be either shaded, high silvers, or even shell.  She has passed her DNA tests and has her echocardiogram coming up.  Her parents have long histories of healthy hearts.

2 1/2 years old


7 months