Cappuccino and Remington had their final litter on February 20.  

8 weeks old

Archer is such a pretty boy  He is very playful and busy.  Reserved.


Beautiful Churro is reserved for Quinn. He is a stunning boy!
Outgoing Mr. Graham is a lover! And a climber of pant legs! He is reserved for Sara.


Grant is growing to be a big brown love bug. He’s reserved for Chantel.


Extremely friendly Monsoon is reserved for Hailey.


 6 weeks old

Archer is a sweet little silver classic.


Churro is a chunky black smoke.  


Graham is a friendly dark silver mackerel.


Grant is a big dark brown mackerel boy with a tiny white tip on his tail.


Monsoon is a light silver classic boy who is sweet and chill.


2 weeks old

The parents:  Cappuccino and Remington