If you are a current Gold Rush Maine Coon owner and would like a second or third or fourth kitten, you can join the waitlist at any time.   The waitlist is closed for all newcomers.  It will likely open up again this summer.

We anticipate having many polydactyls  in the start of 2023. 

The current price for a polydactyl kitten is $2200. 


1.  Audra M. – male 
2.  Dave C – male
3.  Jesse and Noani S – male
4. Rina and Victor – male 
5.  Kris and Elizabeth D – male, silver 
6.  Sereita A – female   
7.  Debbie W – male, open to red normal paw       
8.  Chelsie S – either, open to normal paw   
9.  Jessica M – either 
10. Shari O – male, open to black smoke