Mango and Aslan had a lovely litter of 6 kittens on March 29. There are 3 girls and 3 boys.

6 Weeks

Blush is so sweet with the longest hair in the litter.  She is a fun, active big girl.


Eliza is a pretty red mackerel who loves playing with her siblings.  She is curious and busy and will be going home with Tangerine.


Kane is a big red boy with poly white feet on all 4.   He watches everyone till he has everything figured out and then jumps into the mix.  He is a thinker!  He is reserved for Alex.


Nacho is the clown and energizer bunny of the bunch!  He is an active, friendly little man!  Kayla and her family will be very entertained by this guy!


Ruthie is a gorgeous blue patch with a very gentle personality.  She is so sweet and Katelyn and Ryan will love cuddling with her.


3.5 Weeks

Blush is a beautiful cameo female who is one of the biggest in the litter!  She is already striving for attention!


Eliza is a bright red girl who is active and curious.  She is a brave little lady!


Kane is a big red and white boy.  He is a 4 wheeled polydactyl and is super loving!  He is reserved for Alex.


Ruthie is a sweet, gentle, quiet soul.  She is soft and beautiful!  She is going home with Katelyn and Ryan.


Oboe is a vocal little guy.  He is a gorgeous came and white boy who demands attention and affection!  He is reserved for Alida.


Nacho is a bright red boy.  He is always in the middle of any fun!  He is reserved for Kayla.


5 Days

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