Jenny and Marshall have a litter of 8 brown babies.  They were born on March 16th and will be 8 weeks old on May 13. 

 7 Weeks old

Beethoven is a busy, adorable boy.  He is reserved for Greer.


Dillon is a talkative, cuddly boy.


Jinx is a big boy who loves attention.  He is reserved for Patricia and will be joining his half brother, Baci.


Jupiter is a funny, chirpy boy.  He is reserved for Ruth C. 


Lillian is outgrowing her sisters and growing by leaps and bounds.  I couldn’t find my blue ribbon, so I exchanged it for a pink one.  She is reserved for Jessica.


Nutmeg is a very people oriented baby girl.   She will be joining her half-brother, Chirpy in Santa Barbara soon.


Sesame is also a very friendly, food driven big girl.  She is reserved for Jessica.


Yahtzee is an active, vocal, attention seeking boy.   He will be heading to Cottonwood to live with Peggy and Mark. 


4 weeks old

Beethoven is a calm, big boy.


Dillon is a good sized guy and has beautiful caramel markings.

Jinx is a dark boy who loves his food. 


Jupiter is a busy boy who purrs already!


Lillian is a little girl who craves food and attention.

Nutmeg is the biggest girl in the litter. 

Sesame is a beautiful girl with lots of color.


Yahtze is the littlest, darkest boy in the litter.  He is very laid back.


Kittens at 1 1/2 weeks old

The Girls


The Boys


1 day


Past Kittens