Gypsy and Ridgely had a new litter of 6 kittens on August 3.  We have 2 polydactyls in the bunch.

4.5 weeks old

Amazon is a sweet, vocal boy.  He is reserved for Andre B.


Little miss Artesia is a very sweet, friendly silver girl.  She is reserved for Laura R.


Sweet little lady Calista is very gentle, like her mother.  she is reserved for Elizabeth K.


Larissa is a lovely little blue polydactyl who loves people.  She is reserved for Bonnie M.


Riviera, who is reserved for Barbara S, is a very solid boy who is eating solid food already.  


Steele is an easy going silver polydactyl boy.  He is reserved for Rachel and Will T.


2.5 weeks old

Amazon is Gypsy and Ridgley’s, only blue mackerel boy. 


Artesia, is Gypsy and Ridgely’s little silver girl.


Calista is Gypsy and Ridley’s only blue mackerel girl in this litter.


Larissa, Gypsy and Ridgley’s only polydactyl girl in the litter.


Riviera is probably silver, but thought he was brown as a newborn. We will have to wait and see how he develops!


Steele is Gypsy and Ridgley’s only silver polydactyl mackerel male.


At Birth

The parents:  Gypsy and Ridgely