Cappuccino and Marshall had a gorgeous litter of 6 babies on November 21.  She had 4 brown and 2 blue.  Half of each color are girls.

5 1/2 weeks

Alvin has a lot of warm tones and loves to play on our laps.  He is reserved for Luis and Mayra.


Carolina is a little model.  She is fuzzy and sweet.  She’s reserved for Frank and Christina.

Cinnamon is a very warm toned boy who loves his food!  He is reserved for Patricia W.


Heidi is a very long haired cuddly girl!  She is reserved for James P.


Pixie is a very busy little lady who has a mind of her own.  She is reserved for someone on our waiting list.


Tucker is a laid back boy who loves  people.  He is reserved for Matt.


1 1/2 weeks

The Parents:  Cappuccino and Marshall