Calypso and Marshall have a new litter born on 2-18-20.  They are all reserved for people on our waiting list which is currently full.

6 weeks

Cocoa is a gentle boy who loves his food.  


Opal LOVES people and food, in that order!  She is reserved for Rick.


Philippe is a calm, boy who enjoys naptime with his brothers and sister.


Spencer is a very active, playful boy who is also very vocal and chirps.  


Twizzle is a polydactyl and super inquisitive.  He is reserved for Stacy.



3 weeks

Cocoa is a chubby brown classic boy.


Opal is a stunning blue and white polydactyl girl.  


Philippe is a stocky cameo and white boy.  


Spencer is a striking red classic boy with white feet.


Twizzle is a dazzling red classic polydactyl boy.


All lined up with a happy momma!


The parents:  Calypso and Marshall