Anastasia and Caspian have a litter of 5 kittens who were born on 5-24-19.  

5 weeks

Hazel is growing and so sweet. She was one of the first of the litter to start eating solid food!  She is reserved for Jennifer B.


Jasmine is a dark beauty and very loving.  She’s also a good eater and is under observation for us.


Malcolm is an active, playful cutie.  He is reserved for Andre.


Remington is going to be striking! He is a playful, active guy who also likes to spend time sitting in laps. He is reserved for Andre.


Sapphire LOVES people. Wherever you are, she is! She is reserved for Jamie.



2 weeks

Hazel is a sweet silver classic girl.  She is reserved.

Jasmine is a shiny black smoke girl.  She is reserved.

Malcolm is a big black smoke boy.  He is reserved.

Remington is a stunning silver mackerel male.  He is reserved.

Sapphire is a gorgeous blue mackerel girl.  She is reserved.

Past Kittens:


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