Anastasia and Caspian have a litter of 5 kittens who were born on 5-24-19.  

8 weeks

Hazel is a very furry sweet girl.  She is loving and active and is relocating to Livermore with Jennifer soon.


Jasmine is staying with us as a breeding cat.  She has great color and size.  She should give us very nice kittens in a year or so.

Malcolm is a big, long boy and can be a lap cat in the evenings.  He has a good purring motor!  He will be settling in San Francisco with his brother, Remington, and his new dad, Andrei.


Remington has two award winning titles!  Lovesucker and Chowhound!  He is always looking for attention or food.  He is a special little guy.  He and his brother, Malcolm,  will be moving to San Francisco with Andrei this weekend.


Sapphire is still a little cuddlebug and is a sweet baby! She will be heading to Davis with Jamie in a short while!

5 weeks
Hazel is growing and so sweet. She was one of the first of the litter to start eating solid food!  She is reserved for Jennifer B.


Jasmine is a dark beauty and very loving.  She’s also a good eater and is under observation for us.


Malcolm is an active, playful cutie.  He is reserved for Andre.


Remington is going to be striking! He is a playful, active guy who also likes to spend time sitting in laps. He is reserved for Andre.


Sapphire LOVES people. Wherever you are, she is! She is reserved for Jamie.



2 weeks

Hazel is a sweet silver classic girl.  She is reserved.

Jasmine is a shiny black smoke girl.  She is reserved.

Malcolm is a big black smoke boy.  He is reserved.

Remington is a stunning silver mackerel male.  He is reserved.

Sapphire is a gorgeous blue mackerel girl.  She is reserved.

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